The following pages may be seen as a first attempt to systematize the genealogical data on Robert E. Howard.
    As will be evident, some of the information found in Lyon Sprague de Camp's Dark Valley Destiny appears to be faulty. While de Camp is to be credited for tracking down family Bibles for his genealogical researches, it appears that he took at face-value everything Howard wrote concerning his ancestry, hence the flawed conclusions.
    The following pages in no way represent a complete "Robert E. Howard genealogical tree": I have focused on the Walser line only, more precisely on Howard's paternal grandmother Louisa Elizabeth Henry's ancestry. For clarity's sake, succinct details on her husband William Benjamin Howard - Howard's grandfather - and son Isaac Mordecai Howard - Howard's father - have been added. Also interpolated are several comments, notes and extracts from Howard's letters, as well as external links.
    I would also like to thank the following people, who supplied me with the results of their research: Leaton Clark (THE Walser specialist), Carolyn Walser, Eugenia Woods Weathersby and Bobby Walser. Without their enthusiastic cooperation, this genealogical tree wouldn't be what it is.