The Robert E. Howard Studies Association


(Conceived and Founded 2001 Concept Refined and Initial Membership List Developed 2004)


REHSA: The Robert E. Howard Studies Association is an association inspired by the literary contributions and life of Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936) and dedicated to the study of that literary legacy and life of one of America’s great authors and poets and a pioneering voice in Popular Imaginative Literature and of the Age of the Pulp Magazine.


The Primary Purpose of the Robert E. Howard Studies Association (hereinafter called, “REHSA” or “the Association”) is the awarding of the annual “CLEO” awards for excellence and significant achievements in scholarship, publication, promotion, creative/artistic representation, or “new millennium” innovations in matters relevant to Robert E. Howard studies and appreciation.

A. Primarily:1) The Call for Nominations across various specific areas of Howardiana; 2) the distribution of materials and information necessary for the Nomination process;

3) the Collection of such Nominations;
4) the actual Balloting for such Awards;
5) the creation of such Awards in physical form;
6) the Announcement of Recipients;
7) the Presentation or Distribution of the awards;
8) and the Recording of such Awards in both Print and Online archives

of information are the Primary Purposes of REHSA.

B. Secondarily, REHSA will:Maintain an internet web site, specifically relevant to information and archival of material concerning its Primary Purpose, but which will also:

1) as its funds allow, sponsor or assist efforts consistent with its purposes or any endeavors consistent with the furtherance of the overall enhancement of appreciation of the life and literature of Robert E. Howard. Any dues or donations collected over and above the costs directly connected to the CLEO Awards each year will go toward the fulfillment of such purposes. [EXAMPLES: Project Pride in Cross Plains, the 2006 Centennial, etc.]

2) maintain an updated LINKS page providing a resource for students and enthusiasts of the life and work of Robert E. Howard, 3) maintain an online discussion group exclusively for its members, confined to dissemination of information regarding and open solely to discussion topics directly relevant to the Awards and the purposes of the association

III. REHSA Officers, Duties, and Functions AND The CLEO Awards:

There shall be an Executive Committee of The Robert E. Howard Studies Association whose primary purpose is overseeing the nominations, voting, creation, and presentation of the Annual CLEO Awards.

A. The Executive Committee of REHSA (Composition and Election): 1) shall consist of five (5) members, 2) two of whom to be elected annually from the General Membership (with re-election permitted) by the General Membership of REHSA as “Members at Large,3) the other three shall be the Executive Director, Assistant Director, and Secretary, who are, initially, the founders of the Association, but who are thereafter elected from the General Membership and by the General Membership to staggered 3-year terms in the order Secretary, Assistant Director, Executive Director (with re-election permitted) beginning in autumn 2006 for Secretary, 2007 for Assistant Director, 2008 for Executive Director. 4) All elections, annually for members at large and in specified years for the Directors and Secretary, shall be held in the month of September. This allows for even new members to have six months prior to their task in helping with the year’s nominations, balloting, and awards.

B. Overseeing the CLEO Award Process

1) The Executive Committee have the power to “seed” from one (1) to three (3) initial nominations in each category of the Awards to be sent out with the Call for Nominations. 2) After that, Nominations for the previous year’s achievements will be open to the various groups described in the descriptive and procedural document for the CLEO AWARDS (attached). 3) A Ballot with no more than 5 nominations eligible nominees based upon the number of total of nomination votes received in each category and indicating those earning the most nomination votes will then be compiled and distributed to the General Membership of the Robert E. Howard Studies Association for the final vote to decide the Awards. The actual final voting and selection of award recipients is done solely by member individuals of REHSA. While nominations may, according to the formula, come from outside the Association.

IV. Membership in REHSA and DUES:

A.(All dues and donations collected go exclusively to the CLEO Awards process and the creation of the Award trophies themselves, and any other activities of the Association: specifically:

1) The creation of the physical awards to be presented (plaques and/ or trophies and certificates) 2) maintenance of the REHSA web site as a clearing house for REH info and a general resource for REH enthusiasts and scholars 3) mailings or other announcements of the Call for Nominations 4) mailings or other modes of delivery of Nomination Forms or materials 5) mailings or other modes of delivery of Ballots 6) OR Any other legitimate purposes of the Association as defined above.

B. REHSA Membership Dues:

1) Any person may become a member of REHSA by sending in the annual dues amount of $5.00 and completing a brief membership application and questionnaire — really more of a survey of past involvement with, interests in, and achievements in Howardiana. [NOTE: This will also be possible electronically via PayPal, a membership form which can be filled out online as well.]


2) Those on the membership rolls as of the 15 of April of any given year will be eligible to take part in the Balloting for the Awards.

C. Membership drives will be conducted:

by direct invitation of individuals selected for invitation by the Executive Committee

2 via the various REH-related discussion groups online
3 via an online web site for the Association
4 via some paid or exchanged advertising in print journals or with

other web sites [OTHER MEANS?]

V. REHSA Donation Levels [Optional — Beyond Membership Dues]:

The Association also accepts and will acknowledge by listing (unless the benefactor prefers anonymity) in the respective categories below all donations made to the Association in the interest of furthering its purpose and mission. The first four donation levels listed below acknowledge individual members who donate above the annual membership subscription; the last two levels are indicative of corporate sponsorship:

1) Supporter $10.00 (above membership dues)

2) Friend $25.00 (above membership dues)
3) Sponsor $50.00 (above membership dues)
4) Patron $100.00 (above membership dues)
5) Corporate Supporter $100.00
6) Corporate Friend $250.00
7) Corporate Sponsor $500.00
8) Corporate Patron $1000.00

Thoughts, Comments, Criticisms, Suggestions WELCOME!!!!!