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Welcome to the online home of The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies. While inactive in 2003, publication began again in 2004 with a new editorial board, which has been stable through 2010, but sadly with the loss of our esteemed contributor Steve Tompkins, who passed away in New York earlier last year. With our revised procedures we have been able to produce issues 7 & 8 for 2004, double issue Vol 2 No 1/2 (9) for 2005, and Vol 3 No 1 for 2006, and Vol 3 No 2 for 2007. These latter two are in effect double issues. Vol 4 No 1 has been released as of Feb. 10, 2009 and Vol 4 No 2 was released in June 2009.

The Dark Man is an academic journal devoted to the study, discussion, and criticism of the life and literary works of Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936).  The journal is intended to provide a scholarly forum for the study of Howard's legacy, literary achievement, influences, and the impact he has had on other writers and popular culture. 

Individuals are encouraged to submit essays, book reviews, short notes and comments to the editor, Mark Hall.  See the submission guidelines for further details. 



Subscriptions and Sales

We are not currently taking subscriptions. The journal appears once a year minimum; however, we are attempting to maintain a bi-annual appearance. Back orders are available on some issues. Please check with our editor Mark Hall or the outlets below as most issues can still be found, and issues are often availalbe on eBay.

Orders should be sent to:



Payment is by PayPal online or Money Order. Individual copies can be purchased from Mike Chomko or Gavinicuss or specialty fantasy book dealers in the USA, UK, and Canada as listed below.

BACK ISSUES of issues No. 5 and No. 6 are available from  Gavinicuss Books, and some specialty dealers. Back issues of No. 7 and No. 8 are available from Gavinicuss, and other specialty dealers. Issue 9, Vol 2 No 1/2 may be available from some dealers below. No 10 sold out very fast but copies have been noted at some of our dealers. No. 11 Isle of Eons remains available through most dealers. Early Necronomicon Press issues No. 1~4 are only available from used dealers or eBay. Recommended specialty dealers are:

Borderlands Books, CA

The Coven, CA..........................Dark Hollow Books, NH

Lisa's Lair Bookstore, ON, Canada.............Mythos Books, MO

Fantastic Literature Limited, Essex, UK


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Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 2, August 2010 (Whole #15) This issue features a long interview with Roy Thomas on his involvement with Conan in the Marvel comics. Following that is Lee Breakirons thoughtful look into the legacy of Howard from Jonathon Bacon's fanzine Fantasy Crossroads. This issue is currently available for sale as of September 10, 2010. The print run is limited as usual so it is highly recommended to order your copy as soon as possible if you have not already pre-ordered, from your bookdealer. Orders can also be sent to the editor, Mark Hall.

DARK MAN, Vol. 5, No. 2 for August 2010. The contents are:




by Mark Hall


"The Man Who Helped Conan: An Interview with Roy Thomas"
by Jeffrey Kahan


"Fandom at a Crossroads: Jonathon Bacon and the Legacy of Robert E. Howard"
by Lee Breakiron


Cover Art:
by Bo Hampton


This issue is 139 pages. Price is $10 plus postage & handling. ISSN 1537-0496



The cover is by well known fantasy artist Bo Hampton depicting Solomon Kane. The rear cover picture is of our sponsor, the English Deptartment of the University of La Verne, CA.

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Back Issues

Some back issues are available.  Back issues are priced at $7.50 each plus postage for #5 and #6, and $8.00 for #7 and #8.  Vol. 2, issue No. 1/2 (# 9) is now out of print. Vol 3 No 1 is still available at this time, but is close to being sold out. Postage will vary depending on the quantity ordered.  Email Gavinicuss Books for these issues or check with one of the dealers listed above. A recent check Feb. 2009 showed that many of our dealers have new or used copies in stock of No 5 to No 11 for those seeking missed copies.

Issue #16: TBA

REH Studio Portrait


Issue #15: Vol 5 No 2

20th Anniversary Issue

August 2010


Issue #14: Vol 5 No 1

March 2010

Issue #13: Vol 4 No 2


June 2009


Issue #12: Vol 4 No 1



February 2009 for 2008


Issue #11: Vol 3 No 2



April 2007


Issue #10: Vol 3 No 1



December 2006


Issue #9: Vol 2 No 1/2



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Issue #7: Vol 1 No 1



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Winter 2001


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May 1997

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August 1990

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 The Dark Man is actively seeking submissions relevant to the foci of this journal.  We are looking for original works, previously unpublished in the form submitted.  Simultaneous submissions are not permitted.  Since we are an academic journal, please realize that all submissions undergo a formal review.  The types of works we are actively seeking include:

Articles of 3,000 words or more in length. 

Notes of less than 3,000 words in length. 

Review essays of books over 1,500 words in length. 

Book reviews under 1,500 words in length. 

Letters less than 1,500 words in length. 

Feel free to talk to the editor about any concerns or ideas you have regarding your submission. 

 All articles, book reviews, notes, and review essays should be formatted in accordance to the style conventions of the Modern Language Association (MLA Style).  Examples of the MLA Style sheet can be found here and on many other sites on the internet.  Alternatively, one can also check in bookstores and libraries for The Essentials of MLA Style (by Joseph Trimmer), or MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing (by Joseph Gibaldi, et al.).  While we do not expect the formatting to be perfect, we do expect a good-faith effort.   

 All submissions should be sent via email to the editor Mark Hall.

Copies should be submitted in either Rich Text Format (RTF) or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).  If files are larger than 2MB, please notify the editor for special instructions on how to submit the document.  Please include both valid e-mail and postal addresses with your submission.   

 All submissions will be acknowledged within 48 hours of being received.  We hope to have the reviews of all submissions completed inside of two months.  You will be notified if the review process takes longer.  If you have questions, by all means contact the editor or assistant editors.

 Before publication, all authors must certify:

1)     that they have obtained permission from the copyright holder and/or owner to reproduce in the article material which they do not hold copyright to, and/or ownership of;

2)      that the article contains no violation of any existing copyright or third party right; and

3)     that they will indemnify and keep indemnified the Editor(s) and review board of The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies against all claims and expenses arising from any breach of this agreement. 

 Unless negotiated otherwise, copyright is assigned to The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies. Copyright assignment is necessary to facilitate the inclusion of The Dark Man in such academic archives as JSTOR, and Project Muse. The author's moral rights will be preserved, permission will be granted should the author want to reprint the work elsewhere, and The Dark Man will not in turn assign the copyright elsewhere without the consent of the author.

 Upon publication, all contributors receive two gratis copies of the journal in which their article appeared.   

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Editorial and Review Board

Editor: Mark Hall (Independent Academic Scholar).

Assistant Editors: Charles Gramlich (Xavier University of Louisiana).

Assistant Book Review Editors: Scotty Henderson, Morgan Holmes.

Business Manager: Scotty Henderson (University of BC)

Review Board: Rusty Burke, Charles Hoffman, Larry Richter, Steve Trout, Jeffrey Kahan (University of La Verne, CA), Chris Gruber, Gene Melton (Senior Lecturer, English Dept, North Carolina State University, Raleigh)

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