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Please e-mail application materials (as described below),
comments, suggestions, and/or constructive criticisms to:

DEADLINES for Official Postings
E-Zines, E-Journals, E-Art Portfolios, and all other Materials for Inclusion:

PLEASE NOTE: Material Previously Published in Print Format is WELCOME! Republication of previous work is not only premitted but encouraged.
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ELCOME to a vision and a model of an online "Electronic Amateur Press Association" [EAPA]-- modelled after the proven methods of Amateur Press Associations in the print medium. Welcome to ROBERT-E-HOWARD.

Each quarter, on the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes and on the Summer and Winter Solstices, a collection of the contributed Howard-related e-zines/e-journals of up to 12 members will be placed online in an Official Posting [OP]

As with almost all APAs, frequent submissions to the Official Postings of the Association are required of members in order to remain in good standing. However, members need not post each and every quarter. Submission of material according to the regulations explained below is expected.

The power of hypermedia offers many options and advantages for the 21st century amateur press association, among them:

The Age of Print is giving way to the Age of Hypermedia as a great communication shift is well underway. Part of the concept of Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association is to explore the potentialities of this new communications epoch.


1.     Consideration for membership requires:

§  1) an e-letter of application, formally stating ones wish to become a member of ROBERT-E-HOWARD;

§  2) the submission of a first issue of an electronic magazine or journal [e-zine] of at least 750 words of text on matters relevant to the life, work, milieu, or literary significance of Robert Ervin Howard (and following other guidelines set forth below for the format and content of such e-zines);

§  3) andTHERE WILL BE NO INITIAL MEMBERSHIP FEE although, the Active Membership might consider the merits of such a measure at some time in the future.

2.    VERY IMPORTANT POINT: Previously published work, either in print and/or digital on-line format IS BOTH ACCEPTABLE AND ENCOURAGED for submission as part of or the entirety of any e-zine . The only restriction is that the author still owns the copyright at the time of submission and has not sold or relinquished copyright in any way. In this way, it is hoped that some would become AMs who are already members of other APAs or REH interest groups (especially members of REHupa and other groups like the Howardian e-mail discussion lists at, AND that they would seriously consider submitting (or revising, updating, polishing, and submitting) some of their excellent past work that has seen either no publication thus far or very limited publication within the confines and limited circulation of a print APA.

3.    The submitted e-zine must have a distinctive and unique title on its "home," "index," or first page (with the first submitted e-zine of any given title to be given precedence in keeping that title).

4.    The submitted e-zine must be in either web-browser-readable format (HTML, DHTML, XML, etc.), readable in BOTH Netscape Navigator/Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer -- AND/OR -- in Portable Document Format (.pdf) [Adobe's Acrobat Reader format available at as a free download].
NOTE: For those who are not HTML-savvy, the major word processors allow a "SAVE AS HTML" option, so knowing hypertext mark-up language is not absolutely essential to be a member of the association.]

5.    A Wait List [WL] of no more than 3 persons beyond the 12 active members will be allowed at any given time. Should the wait list drop to fewer than 3, postings of WL openings will be announced at various Robert E. Howard related online discussion groups and, possibly, advertised in various print zines and journals.

6.    Each e-zine submission by an Active Member [AM] must be a minimum of 1000 words of text. This would be the Minimum Acceptable Word Count [MINAWC] for any e-zine submitted.

7.    AMs must contribute e-zines to at least two OPs within any given calendar year [the four OPs in a calendar year to be conside#990000 a VOLUME (Volume I, 2001, etc.)] or they will be dropped from active membership in the group and a person or persons on the WL invited to join in the chronological order in which they fulfilled the initial membership application essentials [The essentials being: 1) e-letter of application stating an interest in joining and 2) a qualifying e-zine]. This represents the Minimum Annual Submission [MINAS]. [IMPORTANT NOTE: Members who Activate after the initial issue [Vernal Equinox] for any given yearly volume must contribute to at least one other posting prior to the anniversary of their membership AND ALSO have at least two postings in the calendar/the Volume AFTER their activation to fulfill this requirement. This is to get all members on the equal footing of contributing at least twice in any given calendar year/Volume of the OP, and also to demonstrate earnestness on the part of the new AM.]

8.    A further stipulation is that an AM must not miss three consecutive OPs, regardless of calendar year, without being dropped. This would prohibit AMs from missing as many as four OPs in a row (for example: the last two of one calendar year and the first two of the next).

9.    AMs should also include at least 1000 words of Posting Comments Section(s) [PCS] per calendar year/Volume. This total word count is IN ADDITION TO the MINAWCs. In this section/these sections AMs will comment on the contributions of other members and respond to their respective e-zines. NOTE: These Posting Comments are made in the PRIVATE/Members Only password protected area of the site.

10.  Wait Listers [WLs] will be granted PRIVATE/Members Only access.

11.  Any and all revenues will go toward:

§  1) the initial registration ($75) and annual charges ($35) on a domain name [],

§  2) on whatever web-hosting charges are needed for the virtual hosting of the domain name (estimated at $300+ per annum),

§  3) perhaps eventually, a dedicated web server [NOTE: If an actual server were ever purchased, members could use space for related postings or posting of their own individual REH web sites -- an added "perk", and

§  4) any other Association or Howardian activities deemed to be appropriate by the Association, such as support for REH studies, conferences, conventions, Project Pride in Cross Plains, etc..

§  NOTE: Incorporation as a not-for-profit, educational will be investigated and discussed by the founding membership.

12.  Except for the right to post each password-protected OP and the password-protected Archive of the accumulating Volumes of OPs, Robert-E-Howard would seek no rights to indiviual AM's e-zines/e-journals. In short, all rights would be retained by the respective AMs for their own work, except for the Official Postings themselves and the archival of such (again, established with various access levels at the respective AMs discretion).

These should be sent as e-mail attachments or mailed on a 100 MB Zip Disk (Iomega technology) or CD-ROM disk to the Official Online Editor [OOE], who also acts as Treasurer of Robert-E-Howard and as web master for the official site. The OOE must be a contributing AM in good standing and is elected or re-elected annually near/at the time of the final OP of the year [Winter Solstice]. Any AM may nominate him/herself for this office or may nominate any other AM, with nominations due near/at the time of the penultimate OP of the year [Autumnal Equinox].

Please send submissions to:
OR directly to the Official Online Editor, Frank Coffman at:
or to yet another alternate e-mail address:

Other Points for Consideration:


ALL Issues of Member Journals, ALL Articles and Items therein, and ALL complete Official Postings of this Association, at whatever level of access, are © Copyrighted on or before the date of the Official Posting. The individual contributors retain all rights to their material subsequent to the Official Posting of REHeapa which postings should be considered as a publication under the granting of First International Serial Rights ONLY.

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction or republication in any form or any medium is prohibited without express permission from the individual author. Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association requests that we be notified of any links to this site and any URL beginning < > E-mail , Robert-E-Howard: EAPA concerning such notifications, requests for permission to reprint or use copyrighted material, or inquiries.

Graphic files are "watermarked" to trace violations of the reproduction of graphic elements displayed. Graphic images created by the contributors to REHeapa are copyrighted also, and permission to use such must be formally requested.

The Association will assist the individual Active Members in discovering and sanctioning (to the extent of litigation against) individuals who violate these copyrights.

Comments, suggestions, and questions may also be directed to:

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